Tough Week

Sorry that I have been MIA.  We had to say goodbye to my baby girl Tavi.  She was 19 and I thought I had prepared myself for this, however I was wrong.  I have realized that I eat to mask my feelings and I fell off the diet horse a bit.  I gained one pound and I am extremely frustrated that I let myself down.

All I can do is jump right back on and keep fighting.  True, I don’t have Tavi to help me on this journey; she took me as far as she could.  Now she is my guardian angel and I refuse to let her down.  I can do this!  If I don’t I may die from my weight and the thought of hurting anyone even a fraction of how much it hurt to lose Tavi, I can’t bear the thought.  I must stop being selfish about what I put in my mouth and start being selfish that I want to lead a healthier life.  It starts today.

Please forgive me for being so grim.  I truly believe every word and I am going to need your support to stay strong and to keep working toward this lifestyle change.  Luckily my kitchen is stocked with delicious food from Nutrisystem. I have no more exuses.  Do you believe in me?  I believe in me and we are going to do this!



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