Breakfast on Nutrisystem

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, french toast, donuts, bagels… Ok, you get the idea and now I want breakfast.   
Anyway, most meal plans and I do not agree on breakfast.  Nutrisystem is different.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some of their breakfast choices that are not my favorite (Turkey Ham & Cheese Omlet is not my favorite).  The key is knowing what items to choose and here are my favorites.

Apple Strudel Bar

This is my favorite item.  It is the size of a normal breakfast bar and is absolutly delicious! The bar is sweet and is reminisant of Apple Pie.  This one is a winner!


NutriFlakes Cereal  

I am very picky about cereal. Mainly it has to be sweet or I will add sugar.  Needless to say I was a little worried trying NutriFlakes.  The knocked it out of the park!  It comes in its own bowl so it is great to bring to work!

Honey Wheat Bagel

This bagel makes me forget that I am eating healthy food.  Just make sure you make smart choices when picking out your cream cheese.

Cinnamon Roll

One of the hardest moments I have had is checking out at IKEA and smelling their Cinnamon Rolls.  This frozen item has saved me!

If you have favorites that I did not mention, please share in comments.

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