Success Update 08/05/15

Success So Far

Hello everyone!  I wanted to let you know where I am at thanks to Nutrisystem.  My goal is to be at or below 350 lbs by Salt Lake Comic Con in September.  As you can see on the chart above I am almost halfway there!  My little slip up is visible on this graph where I gained 3 pounds, however I just started again and I am once again moving in the right direction.  Now, many people will say “Wow!  You have lost 15 pounds in a month!  Isn’t that unhealthy?”  Worry not!  I met with my doctor and because of my high starting weight I will drop pounds faster at the beginning and it is completely healthy.

Do you have a weight loss goal?  Tell me all about it in the comments below, or via email if you are not crazy like me and do not want to plaster your weight for the whole world to see.  My email is .

Now I still have a fat person to lose until I am at my goal weight of below 200 lbs, but I can only take it step by step and day by day.

I would love any words of encouragement or inspiration that you can provide as this has not been easy.  I foresee it becoming much more difficult and I can use all of the support I can get.

Love you all!


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